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Home Security Systems

Brillare Electrical Services is your go-to Home Security Systems installer in Perth.

Brillaire Electrical Services is a leading company in Perth providing modern home security systems to residential clients in Perth. We offer comprehensive services that include the following.

Home Security Systems Perth

CCTV Camera Installations 

Contact us for all your residential CCTV cameras installation Perth requirements. Our company can help install advanced security alarm systems, CCTV cameras, access control systems, and HD and modern CCTV cameras with remote access functions, network and phone cabling, intercoms, and access control.

Alarm Systems

As skilled alarm system installers in Perth, we collaborate with our clients to determine their security requirements. We can install alarm systems in Perth that monitor break-ins, fires, floods, infrared signatures, and movements. Our alarm installers in Perth can connect your alarm system to your phone, allowing you to observe any unusual activity in your home through a video stream. Other notable features that we can provide for your alarm installations are:

  • Panic buttons and security alarm installations
  • Automated lock installations
  • Warning alarm systems installation to deter trespassers and intruders
  • Wiring all the detection systems to your monitoring devices and alarm systems

You might have concerns about the alarm installation costs. However, we provide the perfect balance of modern systems and affordability. You can choose from the type of package you want, and the alarm system price includes the installation costs. Our licensed alarm installers in Perth will handle alarm installation, followed by instructions and advice on how to operate the new alarm system correctly.


Our Perth intercom installers are experts in installing intercoms and advanced door release systems in all types of residential like single-family homes and apartment buildings. Installation of an intercom system Perth uses a device to transfer audio or video information, allowing two-way communication.

This is the most effective way to monitor the front entrances of residential premises. Our Perth intercom installers can increase the security of your home by keeping intruders out of the gates. We provide a variety of electric gate and intercom systems installation services in Perth, including:

  • Calibration of remote controls
  • Automated door locking/unlocking with modern pin pad installation.
  • Motorized gate repair
  • Intercom installations with different types of camera systems
  • Testing of circuits and motors for the correct functioning

The main intercom systems types available are wireless video, audio-only, and wired video. We can help you with information regarding these systems to help you make a smart decision.

Knowledgeable & Strictly Compliant to Australian Standards

Home Security Systems

Customized Home Security System Installations

We understand that every residential property owner will have very specific needs, so we focus on providing customized services. Our electrician Perth take the time to understand your needs and work with you to ensure that you get the home security systems you need under a single roof.

Home Security System Installations Perth

Get in touch with Brillare Electrical Services via this Online Form for additional information on our commercial and residential services.

You can also call us at 08 9415 0762, and we will get back to you shortly.

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