Smoke Alarm Detector Installation

Smoke Alarm Detector Installation

Keeping your staff, colleagues and tenants safe from the risk of a fire within your building are of high importance, which is why having the most reliable and best quality smoke alarm system and smoke detector installation is a must-have in Australia by law.

There are two types of commonly used smoke detector alarm installations, being photoelectric and ionisation alarms, other special purpose alarms are also sometimes used such as carbon monoxide alarms where gas combustion or an open hearth fire might introduce harmful fumes to the living space.
The main difference between these smoke alarm detectors is that Photoelectric alarms can sense smoke from a smouldering fire, enabling early arousal of occupants and allow time to control the fire or escape if necessary, but they are poorly equipped to sense a well-established, flaming fire.
Ionisation smoke alarm detectors by contrast can identify the presence of a flaming fire effectively but they are less able to provide early warning of a smouldering fire or impending breathing or visibility difficulties caused by heavy smoke. Some alarms combine both types of sensing, however, ionisation sensors can be triggered by vapours produced by cooking or by steam so the smoke alarm detector installation location should be suitably distanced from the bathroom or kitchen or other location where food is cooked.
Other types of smoke detector alarms might include heat sensing alarms, particularly suitable to fires in the kitchen where cooking oil might catch fire or from other inadvertent ignition sources, however, fires of this origin are more likely to be noticed immediately ignition takes place and easier to control.
Brillare Electrical specialises in providing residential, industrial and commercial clients across Perth and the wider WA with the latest smoke detector installation recommended by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services. Our team of professional Perth electricians offer a comprehensive smoke alarm installation service, encompassing everything from the consultation and property survey through to the installation complying with AS3786:2014.
Hard-Wired Smoke Detector Installation Pricing (Discount applies when requesting more than 1)
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