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Business Security Cameras Perth

Business Security Cameras in Perth

As a business owner, you know the importance of security. You work hard to protect your property, your inventory, and your employees. Whether you have a business or residential property, you can rely on Brillare Electrical Services Perth for security CCTV cameras installation in Perth.

Business Security Camera Installation

Did you know that the best way to deter crime is to install security cameras? A CCTV system will help you monitor your property remotely and will also be important in case of an incident for police and insurance purposes.

Installing security cameras is an important, technical job which should be entrusted to an experienced electrician. This will ensure your system is thoroughly installed and reliable so you can rest assured that your business is as safe as possible. Call Brillare Electrician Perth today and we can help protect your premises.

Monitor your business from anywhere, at any time.

The team at Brillare Electrical & Security have years of experience providing security solutions to businesses, shop fronts, warehouses and more in Perth. We are fully WA Police licensed, qualified, and insured.

For more complex installations such as industrial or multi-level properties, or if you require a custom quote, give us a call on 08 9415 0782 or send us an email to

Security Solutions & Loss Prevention
  • Business Alarm Systems
  • Duress/Panic Emergency Alarms
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems
People and Traffic Management
  • Video Intercom System
  • Facial Recognition Systems
  • Access Control
  • Panic Buttons
People and Traffic Management Security System
  • Café/Restaurant Security System
  • Factory/Warehouse Security System
  • School Security System
  • Medical Centre Security System
  • Car Park Security System
  • Gym Security System
  • Convenience Store Security System

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Expert Alarm System Installers in Perth

Protecting your business during operating and non-operating hours is essential. A Business Security Camera offers peace of mind and confidence that you and your staff are guarded. Also, in the event of a break in or disputes there is recorded evidence that can be used. Here are some other benefits of having such technology for your business.

Visual deterrent - If you are an intruder you will definitely think twice about trespassing if you see security cameras and intercom systems throughout the premises.
Surveillance - This can be outside operating hours or even within operating hours. Making monitoring of staff easier and help with production efficiency.
Prevent fraud and theft - Fraud and theft can cost a business big time. Why not save yourself the heartache and protect yourself with a Business Security Camera system today!
Improve workplace safety - Monitoring conditions and potential hazards ensure that your staff operate in a safe work environment.

Why choose Brillare Electrical Services?

As a business ourselves we also know how important it is to protect yourself. Every business is different and we can help with selection and sourcing of particular Business Security Cameras for your particular business.

The team at Brillare Electrical & Security have years of experience providing security solutions to businesses, shop fronts, warehouses and more in Perth. We are fully WA Police licensed, qualified, and insured.

Some of our recent projects:
Scope: CCTV Surveillance System, Alarm System Design & Installation
Industry: Automotive

We were appointed to supply and install CCTV and Alarm systems for Veale Auto’s main warehouse where they house their massive inventory and distribute stock to their stores.

Scope: Perimeter security system, CCTV Surveillance System
Industry: Hospitality

Milky Lane reached out to us for the construction of their new Perth franchise, where we worked on the fit-out and supplied and installed their CCTV and Perimeter protection systems.

Scope: Employee Access Control, CCTV Surveillance System
Industry: Entertainment

Barcadia is a multi-storey bar and arcade complex in the CBD which assigned us to work on their fit-out, electrical and security needs including CCTV and access control solutions.

Scope: CCTV Surveillance System, Video Intercom System
Industry: Engineering

Allship Engineering is an engineering company that works in the maritime defence force which required CCTV and video intercom systems which Brillare fully supplied and installed

Scope: Access Control, CCTV Surveillance System, Video Intercom System
Industry: Real Estate

Acton Real Estate were managing a strata complex with many apartments on Beaufort Street and reached out to Brillare to provide access control, intercoms and CCTV for the whole building.

Scope: CCTV Surveillance System, Duress/Panic Emergency Alarms
Industry: Transport

MFD Linehaul is a national interstate transport specialist which required Brillare to supply and install a CCTV system as well as duress/panic emergency Alarms for their warehouse.

Business Security Cameras FAQ

Installing business security cameras is complex and involves many considerations, strategies and technical skills possessed by an experienced electrician. Our electricians will make sure the system is optimally installed to avoid problems such as blind spots so you can have confidence that your Business Security Camera system is reliable. 

If you are in the market for Business Security Cameras, there are a few factors to consider. Should your system be wired or wireless? Would you rather have flexibility or affordability, as both options have benefits and sacrifices. Based on your needs and circumstances, we will recommend the best brand based on the size of your property, the type of business or the number of staff. You should consider what type of camera system you want, such as audio or video, and if you want to access it from your phone. Carefully choosing your system based on these factors will ensure you get the best system for your business. Get in touch with our experienced tradesmen today and they can help you get started!

The two main types of security cameras for businesses are indoor and outdoor cameras. For most businesses, you will require a combination of both in order to maximise coverage and limit the number of blind spots. Our electricians will be able to advise the best combinations of cameras for your business.

Wired systems are typically more affordable than wireless systems, but they can be more difficult to install. Wireless systems are easier to install and also give you flexibility when it comes to placement, but they may be more expensive. Both types of system offer a variety of features, so it's important to choose the one that best meets your needs. Brillare technicians are available to help you select and install the system that's right for you. Call us today for a free consultation!

Installing business security cameras can give a business owner peace of mind by being able to remotely monitor your business and your staff from any location. With your security camera system, you can access footage from your phone, enabling you to easily check on the premises and workers at any time.

Business Security Camera Installation In Perth

Commercial Security Cameras Installation

At Brillare Electrical we are experts with installation and advice on Business Security Cameras. So if you've been thinking about adding a Business Security Camera, don't wait any longer. Contact one of our CCTV Installers Perth today!

Business Security Camera Installation Services

For more complex installations such as industrial or multi-level properties, or if you require a custom quote, give us a call on 08 9415 0782 or send us an email to

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