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Ultimate Electrical Compliance Ensured

Electrical compliance safety checks Perth are essential to ensure the safety of your home business and to avoid the risk of potential fires occurring caused by issues with wiring and circuits..

Many people neglect to think about the safety of their circuits and wiring and should be proactive in seeking out an electrical compliance safety check with a licensed Perth electrician.

At Brillare Electrical Services, as part of our electrical safety check Perth, we will ensure your residential or commercial property is up to code and that all wiring and circuitry comply with Australian standards. 

Some of the electrical compliance safety checks our expert team will provide are:

Smoke alarm safety checks Perth:

As part of our electrical inspection Perth, we will ensure your smoke alarms are connected to your main power and that they comply with Australian legislation. Our licensed Perth electricians will replace alarms over 10 years old and provide decibel testing.

RCD safety switch checks Perth:

Our electrical inspection Perth will ensure that you have the correct amount of RCD safety switches, depending on the size of your property and that they operate correctly and promptly when tested.

Knowledgeable & Strictly Compliant to Australian Standards

Knowledgeable & Strictly Compliant to Australian Standards

Electrical maintenance safety checks Perth:

We will provide an electrical inspection Perth Our years of experience providing electrical maintenance has allowed us to find potential electrical issues before they start to become a bigger problem.

Homes with older wiring will require an electrical safety check Perth as they have deteriorated from age or have damage caused by pests. If you’re planning on selling your home or purchasing a home, we also recommend an inspection to investigate the properties wiring and circuits. 

Electrical compliance safety checks are just as important if you have noticed issues with wiring and appliances, to ensure the general safety of your home. Our expert local electrician Perth can make any repairs or upgrades to your electrical system to ensure that any electrical issues in future are minimised. 

Some of the areas that we service for electrical compliance safety checks Perth include:

  • Compliance Safety Checks Burswood
  • Compliance Safety Checks Crawley
  • Compliance Safety Checks City Beach
  • Compliance Safety Checks Embleton
  • Compliance Safety Checks Swanbourne
  • Compliance Safety Checks Doubleview
  • Compliance Safety Checks Nollamara
  • Compliance Safety Checks Rivervale
  • Compliance Safety Checks South Perth
  • Compliance Safety Checks Como
  • Compliance Safety Checks Nedlands
  • Compliance Safety Checks Mount Claremont
  • Compliance Safety Checks East Perth
  • Compliance Safety Checks Wembley Downs
  • Compliance Safety Checks Woodlands

Ensure the safety of your home with an electrical compliance safety check Perth! Enquire with our reliable and trusted electricians at Brillare Electrical Services today.

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