Electrical Fault Finding

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Electrical Fault Finding

Brillare Electrical Services is your trusted electrical fault finding Perth professionals!

Electrical fault finding involves systematically testing electrical components until a fault has been found. Unexpected electrical faults may leave your home or business without power or become a bigger safety concern such as a potential fire hazard.

Our electrical fault finding experts are able to locate the problem, diagnose issues and repair electrical faults promptly.

Have a short circuit or damaged plug sockets? We are your go-to electrical fault finding electricians Perth.

Our electrical fault finding electricians Perth can efficiently assist with many electrical concerns, including:

Short circuit electrical fault finding:
Short circuits occur when a live cable becomes exposed and makes contact with the green and yellow cables, which is called the earthing system. The deterioration of the cable’s insulation or water seeping into light fittings and outdoor powerpoints are all reasons for short-circuiting.

Open circuit electrical fault finding:
The circuit experiences a tear caused by a broken wire, burning or rusting. The flow of electricity is then interrupted which causes an open circuit fault.

Electrical Fault Finding Experts In Perth

Electrical Fault Finding

Electrical Fault Finding Service

Earth electrical fault finding:
Loose or damaged connections in appliances can result in an earth fault. This can cause electric shocks when touched.

Defective safety switch fault-finding:
Safety switches can fail due to age or electrical surges from the mainline. These faults should be tested at least every 6 months for correct operation.

Some appliances have been used for years and have reached their life span and no longer operate. Mowing through cable or spilling liquids over a device can also cause electrical faults. Our team can provide local electrical fault finding Perth for all of these issues.

Electrical Fault Finding Specialist

How do you know if you need an electrical fault finding electrician?

Here are some common issues that may require an electrical fault finding expert:

  • Your lights are flickering
  • Your power outlet is very hot
  • Sparks appear when you plug or unplug your electrical devices
  • You smell burning plastic from your appliances (this suggests burning wires)
  • You experience a power outage when plugging in your devices

Leave electrical fault finding to the professionals! Don’t attempt to fix faulty electrical equipment yourself. Brillare’s electrical fault finding electricians will openly communicate any issues and the repairs needed and provide you with a comprehensive and affordable quote.

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