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Brillare Electrical: The Go-To Electricians for Home Appliance Installation

Choose Brillare Electrical for expert and dependable appliance installation services in Perth. Our technicians manage the entire installation process in detail. We set up and prepare your appliances for immediate use.

Trust us to provide seamless installation experiences, allowing you to enjoy your new appliances with no hassle.

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Superior Appliance Installation in Perth

Our professional team specialises in optimising the efficiency of your appliances. Get reliable control, performance and energy-efficiency out of how you cook. 

Trust Brillare Electrical for your Appliances

Approved NECA Contractor
Approved NECA Contractor

Approved NECA Contractor

Trust is earned, and as a NECA-approved contractor, Brillare Electrical has proven its commitment to quality and expertise in every installation. Our accreditation is a promise of superior service for your electrical needs in Perth.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
Approved NECA Contractor

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

At Brillare Electrical, we back our work with a lifetime warranty. This isn't just an offer; it's our pledge to provide lasting quality and peace of mind with every installation.

WA Police Licensed
Approved NECA Contractor

WA Police Licensed

Safety comes first, and our WA Police licensing is a testament to this. Choose us for a service that prioritises your safety in every aspect of our work.

24/7 Emergency Electrical Services
Approved NECA Contractor

24/7 Emergency Electrical Services

Power issues don't stick to a 9-to-5 schedule. That's why we offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure you're never left without support when you need it most.

Upfront & Transparent Pricing
Approved NECA Contractor

Upfront & Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees, no surprises. With Brillare Electrical, you get honest, clear pricing upfront. We believe in building trust through transparency in every transaction.

Happy & Loyal Customers
Approved NECA Contractor

Happy & Loyal Customers

Our commitment to customer satisfaction has nurtured a community of happy and loyal clients in Perth. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and experience the Brillare difference.

Exceptional Reputation in
Customer Satisfaction

We focus & maintain a consistent high quality standard with all our customers

Dedicated to Hassle-Free Home Appliance Installations

We are dedicated to excellence in all our services. We make sure our customers receive expert help. Our team works to finish installations on time. We respect your time to minimise any inconvenience. ...

We are dedicated to excellence in all our services. We make sure our customers receive expert help. Our team works to finish installations on time. We respect your time to minimise any inconvenience. We give you detailed quotes before starting any work. This approach is to ensure you know exactly what it will cost. 

Our electricians also commit to safety by adhering to all regulations. Brillare Electrical guarantee precise installation for every appliance, ensuring that our services exceed your expectations

When emergency appliance issues happen, we're also prepared to respond with our 24/7 emergency electrical services

Our Comprehensive Appliance Installation Services

We offer a wide range of appliance installation services to meet the specific needs of your home

Kitchen Appliance Installation

  • Stoves and Ovens: We offer stoves and oven installation for optimal performance. We configure each appliance to meet your culinary needs.
  • Dishwashers: Let our professionals handle the installation, avoiding the hassle of manual installs. We ensure your dishwasher is integrated for efficient operation.
  • Refrigerators: From standard models to advanced refrigeration systems, our installation is seamless. We adjust settings to suit your environmental conditions and storage needs.
  • Rangehoods: Our rangehood installation guarantees that your they function efficiently, enhancing kitchen ventilation. We also ensure it blends seamlessly with your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Home Appliance Installation

  • Washing Machines and Dryers: We install these appliances with meticulous attention to detail. We make sure they are set up for maximum performance and durability.
  • Air Conditioning Units: We install AC units for efficiency and comfort. We aim to optimise your indoor climate control and energy usage.
  • Home Entertainment Systems: Experience professional setup for the best home entertainment. Our services optimise audio and visual quality for your enjoyment.

Electrical Appliance Installation

  • Lighting Fixtures: Enhance the ambience of your home with lighting fixtures that suit your space. We provide installations that improve lighting and complement your home decor.
  • Home Automation Devices: Set up smart home devices to integrate into your connected home network. We ensure all components are compatible and work cohesively.
  • Security Systems: Protect your home with security systems for peace of mind. Our installations are thorough, covering all vulnerable points for comprehensive security.

Gas Appliance Installation

  • Gas Cooktops: We provide installation of gas cooktops for a superior cooking experience. We ensure all connections are leak-proof and meet safety standards.
  • Gas Heating Systems: Stay warm with our heating installations. We tailor each system to your home’s specific heating requirements.
  • Gas Water Heaters: Enjoy consistent hot water with our professional installation of gas water heaters. We install units that are energy-efficient and provide reliable hot water on demand.

We perform these services with a keen eye for detail to ensure that your appliances function perfectly. Trust us to handle your appliance needs.

Our Approach to Appliance Installation Services

  1. Initial Consultation: We begin with a discussion to understand your specific requirements. We ensure that each installation is perfectly aligned with your home setup.
  2. Customised Planning: Our experts create a plan that considers your appliance specifications. This approach ensures that every installation meets the functionality requirements.
  3. Quality Equipment: We use top-quality equipment to ensure a durable and reliable installation. We guarantee that every setup complies with our high standards.
  4. Comprehensive Testing: We perform detailed testing to make sure each appliance functions optimally. Each test is done  to assess performance and safety,
  5. Customer Education: We provide you with information on appliance use and care. This approach will help you to maintain your appliances.
  6. Respectful and Clean Workspaces: Our installers respect your home. They will clean up the workspace after the installation.
  7. Follow-Up Support: We offer after-installation support for any questions or services you may need.

Reasons for Appliance Faults

Appliance faults can arise due to a variety of reasons. Here are some common causes:

  • Incorrect Installation: Appliances can have problems because of faulty connections or incorrect handling. Proper installation by qualified professionals is crucial to prevent such issues.
  • Poor Maintenance: Neglecting regular maintenance, such as cleaning filters can lead to problems. Consistent upkeep is essential to ensure appliances operate effectively and last longer.
  • Electrical Issues: Faulty wiring or short circuits can lead to appliance malfunctions. These electrical problems can compromise the safety and efficiency of your appliances.
  • Overloading: Operating an appliance beyond its capacity can cause damage to its components. This often leads to premature wear and potentially costly repairs.
  • Improper Use: Failing to follow the manufacturer's instructions can impair functionality. It's important to follow the guidelines to ensure it performs well

Additional Offerings of Our Appliance Installation Services

Regular Maintenance

We provide maintenance services to keep your appliances in good working order. This proactive approach helps prevent unexpected malfunctions and ensures optimal performance.

Professional Repairs

Our technicians perform precise repairs to extend the lifespan of your appliances. Each repair uses the latest techniques and equipment to restore functionality.

Replacement Parts

We provide quality components for replacements when needed. Our parts are sourced from trusted manufacturers to ensure they function as intended

Your One-Stop Electrical Experts

We're your all-in-one electrical service provider. Our extensive services include:

  • TV Wall Mounting: We upgrade your space with our TV wall mounting services. We ensure a secure installation and optimal positioning for the best viewing experience.
  • TV Antennas Outlets: We provide quality service for setting up new TV antenna systems. We also repair existing outlets to improve reception and functionality.

Count on Brillare Electrical for comprehensive solutions to all your electrical requirements. We're here to assist with professionalism and expertise.

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We dedicate ourselves to providing top-tier appliance installation services. Our experienced team has the skills to set up your appliances.

Your Peace of Mind is Our Promise:

  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Upfront Pricing
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (If you're not happy)

Trust Brillare Electrical Services' half-century of expertise for dependable, top-tier electrical solutions in Perth. Connect with us now!

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