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Light Sourcing Services

Our team at Brillare Electrical Services, are experts in Sourcing lighting in Perth.

Our team at Brillare Electrical Services, are experts in sourcing lighting design Perth for both residential and commercial properties. 

Light Sourcing Experts Perth

Not only are we experts in sourcing architectural designer lighting, we also act as a light sourcing consultant Perth. We work closely with architects and interior designers to find unique lighting solutions that will meet the aesthetic requirements and budget for a commercial space.

Brillare’s light sourcing consultants will guide you through the process of designer light sourcing for unique and bespoke lighting solutions.

  1. We will consult with a lighting designer Perth to determine your style and budget. Brillare Electrical Services Perth will supply images, quotes and specifications of required lighting.
  2. A follow up consultation is made to discuss the specified lighting and layout.
  3. We can then collaborate with suppliers to order your dream lighting design.

Light Sourcing Expert Services In Perth

Light Sourcing Specialists

Lighting Consultant Perth

Our professional light sourcing consultants can provide designer light sourcing and excellent lighting advice for both residential and commercial clients. We are the experts in sourcing architectural designer lighting and only use brands that understand the importance of unique design and functionality as one.

The brands we source from have decorative, architectural and technical aspects that make the perfect lighting solutions for residential and commercial spaces in Perth.

Our expert electricians Perth are professionals in sourcing lighting design Perth and can provide chandeliers, pendant lighting, floor and table lamps and LED recessed lighting to transform your entire space.

Lighting Consultation Services

Brillare Electrical Services Perth has years of experience in sourcing light design Perth and designing our own quality lighting solutions. Our light sourcing consultants have a passion to provide high quality, beautifully decorative and budget friendly lighting solutions for residential and commercial projects.

Our team of specialist light sourcing consultants understand the complexities of combining unique, decorative design with architectural aesthetic to transform a space.
We source lighting with the properties structure in mind, to capitalise on the best use of the space as well to increase productivity within the area.

We work closely with our clients in partnership to bring their dream lighting plan to life. We are able to source oversized lighting fixtures to intricately designed creations, depending on your requirements.

Need a particular design, style, size or budget for your project? Contact our experts for designer light sourcing services today.

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