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Lighting Design

Brillare Electrical Services Perth are one of the only electrical service providers with an all

round capability to design, plan, source and install your lighting design requirements. Due to our range of lighting design services, we are able to streamline the process, without our clients requiring further contractors to follow lighting plans that they haven’t designed themselves. 

Lighting Designers Perth

As expert lighting design consultants Perth, we plan and source quality decorative lighting from leading lighting manufacturers providing residential and commercial interior lighting and exterior lights to suit all styles and budgets. 

The Brillare Electrical Services team are leading lighting designers Perth, who can provide a full residential and commercial lighting design package from start to finish with outstanding customer service and a competitive pricing structure. 

Some of the lighting design services we provide for residential properties include; pendant lighting, ambient lighting, chandeliers, as well as fan and light installations. 

Lighting Design Services In Perth

Lighting Design Perth

Lighting Design Specialists Perth

We also have an extensive range of commercial lighting designs Perth available. Our interior lighting design collection includes modern, traditional and contemporary ranges incorporating ceiling lights, pendant lighting, wall lights, spotlights, table lamps and floor lamps. Our range of exterior lighting designs include outdoor wall lights and wall lanterns, lamp posts, porch lights and pedestal lanterns, in both contemporary and traditional lighting designs Perth.

Brillare’s professional lighting design consultants Perth, will ensure that we create the most efficient layout for your lighting fixtures to create the best effect for your home or business. We can provide you with expert advice for the most appropriate lighting design and fittings for your property by taking the time to go through the project with you.

Lighting Design Service In Perth

We can customise and create stunning, state-of-the-art lighting designs Perth for functional and aesthetic needs that are also energy efficient to lower your costs. 

Our team of lighting designers Perth are inspired to bring bespoke designs to life. We consider many factors in terms of the design and installation within a space, such as the weight, durability, cost, maintenance and safety. 

If you’re in need of a lighting design consultant or lighting designer in Perth, look no further than Electrician Perth! We know WATT it takes to create stunning residential and commercial lighting designs.

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