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Why Is It Important to Install Commercial Security Systems in Perth?

In Perth’s dynamic business landscape, focusing on security is crucial to protect your assets—and your workers and customers. As the commercial environment evolves, the demand for superior commercial security installation intensifies. It's about maintaining the integrity and reputation of your brand. 

We offer top-tier commercial security solutions that give your business a competitive advantage.

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Brillare Electrical: Your Trusted Partner in Business Safety

Our advantage goes beyond mere technical expertise. We offer business security systems that are reliable and innovative.

Why Choose Brillare For Your Commercial Security System?

Customised Security Solutions
Approved NECA Contractor

Customised Security Solutions

We excel in providing security systems suited to your business's specific requirements. Brillare’s experts assess your space and suggest optimal security configurations.

Advanced Technology Integration
Approved NECA Contractor

Advanced Technology Integration

Brillare offers the latest security systems to equip your business with protective tools.

Exceptional Customer Support
Approved NECA Contractor

Exceptional Customer Support

We support clients from the initial consultation through installation and beyond. Our team is quick to resolve any issues to make sure your security system always operates.

Comprehensive Guidance
Approved NECA Contractor

Comprehensive Guidance

We offer thorough training on the new security systems after setting them up. We also provide continuous support on security tips and updates. This helps your staff to utilise the technology, safeguarding your business.

Scalable Solutions
Approved NECA Contractor

Scalable Solutions

As your business expands, so can your security system. We offer security solutions that are easy to upgrade and expand.

Cost-Effective Pricing
Approved NECA Contractor

Cost-Effective Pricing

We offer affordable security solutions that deliver quality without breaking the bank.

Exceptional Reputation in
Customer Satisfaction

We focus & maintain a consistent high quality standard with all our customers

Our Range of Commercial Security Systems

At Brillare Electrical, we get it—each business is its own world with its unique hurdles. We're not about generic solutions. We take the time to get your business, so our commercial security systems...

At Brillare Electrical, we get it—each business is its own world with its unique hurdles. We're not about generic solutions. We take the time to get your business, so our commercial security systems feel tailor-made, keeping everything in tip-top shape.

Advanced Commercial CCTV Systems

Dive into the latest in surveillance tech, crafted for every business. CCTV cameras offer a preventive measure against intruders. They let business owners watch their property 24/7. CCTV helps to identify unapproved individuals entering the business property.

View Commercial CCTV Solutions
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Robust Business Alarm Systems

Our alarms are like your business's own security guard, they are always on the lookout. Commercial alarm systems alert business owners and security teams to potential breaches. These systems can integrate with other security features. These alarms serve to deter intruders and alert law enforcement.

Discover Business Alarm Systems

Innovative Access Control Systems

With our access systems, you decide who enters and exits, making sure only the right person has access. These systems enhance security by limiting access to authorised personnel only. They also observe access times, aiding both security and administrative tasks.

Explore Commercial Access Control
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Our Commercial Security Installation Process

Initial Consultation

Our process begins with a detailed consultation to understand your specific security needs. We assess your premises, discuss your security goals, and identify potential threats. We will recommend the most appropriate security solutions for your business environment.

System Design

Our team designs a customised security system that meets your requirements and budget. We offer a system that offers comprehensive coverage of your premises. The design phase includes selecting the right systems and components.

Proposal and Approval

We present a proposal that includes the system layout, equipment, and a cost breakdown. This proposal ensures transparency and helps you make an informed decision.


Our technicians install all components into your existing infrastructure. They will conduct testing to guarantee that the system functions as intended.

System Configuration

After installation, we configure the system settings according to your specific needs. This includes setting up user permissions, alarm responses, and monitoring configurations. We optimise the system to ensure it provides ultimate protection and efficiency.

Maintenance and Repair Services

Regular Maintenance

Our regular maintenance ensures that all components of your security system are functioning as they should be. Our technicians will inspect and test the devices to prevent failures. This approach identifies potential issues before they become serious, saving time and money.

Emergency Repairs

Unexpected issues can arise and our emergency repair services are here to help. Our technicians address urgent problems to ensure minimal impact on your business operations.

Brillare Electrical's Comprehensive Commercial Security Solutions

We offer services designed to protect and enhance your business operations. With us, you will receive quality solutions that meet the challenges of your business. Our services include:

Commercial Intercom Systems

Our commercial intercom systems are effective communication tools within your business premises. These systems help in access control, supporting internal security measures, and promoting efficiency. 

Commercial Alarm Monitoring

We offer alarm monitoring for consistent oversight of your business's security alarms. We use high-tech to provide real-time surveillance and offer instant alerts to security incidents. This approach contributes to quicker emergency responses, minimising damage and increasing safety. 

Duress Panic Emergency Alarms

Our emergency alarms enhance staff safety. These alarms enable employees to immediately notify security personnel if an emergency arises. They are useful in settings where staff may be working alone or in remote areas of your facility. 

Brillare Electrical is your partner in safeguarding what matters most. Trust us to equip your business with the tools it needs to thrive in a secure environment

Commercial Security Services for Different Industries

Each business sector presents its own set of challenges. That's why we specialise in offering commercial security solutions designed for various industries:

  • Construction Sites
  • Café & Restaurants
  • Strata Apartments
  • Warehouse Facilities
  • Gyms
  • Convenience Stores
  • Aged Care Centres
  • Child Care Centres
  • Schools & Universities
  • Car Parks

We offer solutions to meet the needs of your industry, keeping your business safe and secure.

Secure Your Business's Future with Brillare Electrical

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Safety is about making strategic decisions. Improve your security measures with our professional installation of advanced commercial security systems. 

Find our range of top-quality security solutions we provide to businesses across Perth. Our systems are reliable and efficient.

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Trust Brillare Electrical Services' half-century of expertise for dependable, top-tier electrical solutions in Perth. Connect with us now!

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