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TV Wall Mounting

Mounting TV to wall can be very difficult for someone who isn’t a licensed professional.

Mounting TV to wall can be very difficult for someone who isn’t a licensed professional, that’s why it is vital to contact a team like Brillare Electrical Services to complete TV wall mounting Perth because you may do more harm than good to your walls.

Residential And Commercial TV Wall Mounting

Brillare Electrical Services provide a TV wall mounting service Perth for residential and commercial spaces. Our process involves wall mounting the TV onto a sturdy frame and anchoring this onto the wall using wall studs. We ensure to install the mounting frame in the right position so that it is completely levelled. There is a range of wires and cables required for a TV installation, including; HDMI cables, audio cables, power cords and set-top box TV wiring. Our expert electricians will ensure that they keep all of these cables neatly hidden away when TV wall mounting. Wall mounting TV hiding wires is a simple process for our team, so the end result will look perfect in your space.

TV Wall Mounting Service In Perth

TV Mounting Perth

TV wall mounting service

Our team can provide advice on the most optimum placement and the best bracket to suits the needs of your room when mounting TV to wall. We will provide you peace of mind knowing that the bracket and TV are secure and safe. Our local Perth electricians can also mount your TV speakers to provide the best sound quality for your TV wall mounting Perth.

Whether you need a TV wall mounted to a brick wall or a whole home theatre set-up, our team of licensed electricians can assist you with your TV wall mounting service Perth.

Best TV wall mounting

Some popular TV wall mounting brackets that our team can install include:

  • Standard TV wall mounting bracket: a simple and cost-effective option for mounting TV to wall
  • Adjustable TV wall mounting bracket: ideal for smaller TVs to view from every angle
  • Swivel TV wall mounting bracket: ideal for larger TVs, very durable and can view from every angle
  • Tilt TV wall mounting bracket: very heavy duty with the ability to tilt the TV up or down

Need a TV wall mounting service Perth? Brillare Electrical Services can have your TV up in no time, without the messy wires!

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