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Access Control Perth

Access control systems are essential to organisations that aim to manage restricted areas and secure the area from unauthorised personnel.

Our experienced electricians are able to design and install access control systems ranging from simple one-point entry systems to multi-entry integrated software access control systems. For any application including industrial, commercial, educational, residential, and more Brillare’s access control solutions enable privacy and security whilst improving productivity and lowering operational costs.

Whatever access control solution you require, Brillare will provide!

Brillare has vast experience in supplying and installing access solutions to many clients including real estate, commercial, apartments, retail, theatre, and franchise retail outlets and many more.

Stand Alone Access Keypad Perth

Simple one entry-point access control. A standalone access keypad is best suited to small areas with a single point of entry. One access control point will be used, such as a keypad, swipe card reader, wireless remote, biometric readers, and smart cards located at the door.

Integrated Alarm & Access Control Perth

Suitable for medium sized businesses. Up to 650 readers available for multiple entry points or doors. 390 users and 350 alarm zones.
Products available:

Integrated Access Control Perth

Card, Reader, and Software solution for commercial premises that have large user traffic and require real-time monitoring, card management & reporting. Seamless integration with intrusion and surveillance systems. Suitable for businesses of all sizes.


An effective access control system may include:

  • Keypad door locks
  • Swipe card access technology for door access control
  • Visitor Management
  • Proximity card readers for remote access control
  • Wireless remote controls for faster door access control
  • Door access control using biometric readers (i.e., finger scanners, face scanners and more!)
  • PIN code pads for door access control
  • Smart cards for site access control

Questions to Consider When choosing An Access System

  • How many areas require restricted access?
  • How many doors are there in these areas?
  • What time period will the area be accessible
  • Which people will be granted access?
  • What number of staff require access?
  • What number of Staff require 24-hour access?
  • Does the Access Control system need to be accessed remotely for card programming?
  • Will you be linking multiple sites or separate systems?
  • Do you need to restrict users to specific hours of operation?
  • Does your access control system require integration to CCTV and Alarm Systems?
  • Which Doors do you need to provide Access Control to?
  • Do you want access via cards / fobs / fingerprints or facial recognition?
  • Do you need to integrate with existing Intercom systems?
  • Do you require access via the web to provide / deny access to staff?
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