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Security Camera

CCTV security cameras are great for home and business owners who are keen to keep a continuous eye on their property and any suspicious activity that may present themselves in and around their home, work and street. With a team dedicated to CCTV security system installation, Brillare Perth Electricians, can help you with security alarm systems, HD and CCTV security camera with remote view from off site, intercoms, access control and your network and phone cabling requirements
Many aspects of a security need to be taken into account before you can even think about installing house security camera. An on-site inspection is a must to determine the characteristics of the house or premise, the type of crimes that prevail, the layout of the building and the land, the number of CCTV camera needed, the likely cost of a system, whether it should be a wired or wireless system and so forth. A satisfactory solution to all these questions is bound to lead to the selection of a system that will effectively address the house security camera issue.
Needless to say, a CCTV camera installation does not involve only one item but a collection of several items that need to be configured by our licensed local electricians into an effectively functioning unit or units. Configuring a highly effective house security camera system will depend on the size of the building in question, its height, distances between power source and cameras and so forth. Placement of the CCTV security cameras will also depend on the number of blind or vulnerable spots and whether it is wired or wireless system. After everything has been worked out, the installation of the system can proceed.

Hikvision Security Camera Systems

Hikvision is our preferred brand for business and commercial projects and the world’s leading manufacturer of security camera systems. Their cameras can be easily integrated with a wide variety of software, including: home alarm systems, intercom systems, smart home systems, and many more. Hikvision cameras are quickly becoming popular in the residential market place owing mainly to their reliable, high performance network IP cameras and NVR network video recorders. Like any brand their security camera systems work best when installed and configured by a licensed security installer.

Dahua Camera Systems

Our best seller on the residential marketplace. Dahua security products have been ranked number 2 in the video surveillance equipment market according to an IHS report. Dahua is committed to providing the highest quality products with its latest technologies. Their security cameras are widely used on the global market in many areas such as residential, retail, schools, banking, warehouses, public security, intelligent buildings and many other fields.

UNV CCTV Camera System

With a high demand over the last few years in home security systems, UNV have secured a satisfactory amount of the CCTV manufacturers market. The UNV camera systems are affordable to the homeowner but lack the qualities and features of the Hikvision and Dahua brands. Their features include motion detection and heat mapping but unfortunately do not have 2-way audio although it does pair up with smart home systems, Google home and Amazon Alexa. The cameras do not include artificial intelligence features like facial detection and people recognition which can be an issue if you are a pet owner when you constantly get notifications when your dog comes into the view of the camera.

4 X Hikvision Security Camera Systems

$2195 excl GST


4 X Dahua Camera Systems

$1895 excl GST


4 X UNV CCTV Camera System

$1495 excl GST


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