Ceiling fan installation

ceiling fan Installation

At Brillare Electrical, we understand how important ceiling fans are to Perth homes all year round. That is why we offer a comprehensive range of ceiling fan installation services to suit spaces of all shapes and sizes, to ensure you receive the best option to suit your needs. We know how much we rely on our ceiling fans, so we want to ensure that you can too.


How to install a ceiling fan

By calling a professional! In Australia, it is a requirement by law that all ceiling fans are installed by an appropriately qualified electrician and Brillare Electrical are exactly that! We are ceiling fan installation specialists, with all the right tools and equipment to complete every job both effectively and efficiently.

Also, it is worth reconsidering your decision if you are thinking you will complete a ceiling fan installation yourself. Not only is the job dangerous, it can both void your insurance and you can get a huge fine if you are caught. With this in mind, it is best to call us in to help!


ceiling fan installation cost perth

When it comes to the cost of ceiling fan installation, there are huge range of factors that can influence price. That is why it is so important  to ensure you speak to a professional and receive a proper quote. At Brillare Electrical, we ensure we provide accurate and affordable quotes for all ceiling installation services, offering you peace of mind that every job is completed right by a qualified expert.



choosing the right ceiling fan

Location: The most important consideration is where you want the ceiling fan to be installed, this will determine the size, function and fan style.

Light: Fans with inbuilt lights work better in smaller spaces like bedrooms and studies. In lounge rooms where you have other light sources like LED Downlights, combo light ceiling fans generally aren’t used. With standard ceiling heights, the light is lower and changes the room’s ambiance in an unflattering way.

Fan Size: Pick a blade size that suits the room; too small and it will lack coverage, too big and it will be out of proportion.

Style: The design of your ceiling fan is up to your personal taste. However, consider timber blades in the bedroom as they are generally quieter. Metal and ABS blades move more air, are more durable and better suited to high traffic areas.

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