Emergency & Exit Lighting

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Emergency & Exit Lighting

Brillare Electrical Services offer emergency lighting installation Perth as well as repairs and maintenance for businesses.

It is vital for businesses to have a clear understanding of the rules around emergency and exit lighting and be fully aware that fines can be imposed on business owners who do not comply with specific regulations. Emergency and exit lighting must be trialled and tested every 6 months to ensure its efficient use, according to Australian standards 2293. Not only will you comply with these standards but you will have peace of mind knowing that in the event of a power outtage, you will have sufficient lighting leading you and your employees safely out of the building.

Emergency & Exit Lighting Perth

If you’re unsure whether you need exit and emergency lighting installation for your business, consider these factors:

  1. Australian building codes dictate that if your building is a class 2-9 then you must have emergency lights installed by a professional Perth electrician.
  2. Dependent on whether your building was installed before or after 1st July 1994
  3. The size of your floor space will dictate whether you may need an exit lighting installation Perth

Emergency & Exit Lighting Services In Perth

Emergency and exit lighting

Best Emergency & Exit Lighting

It is vital that you speak to your local Perth electrician to find out more information about exit lighting installation Perth for your particular business before you risk the safety of yourself and your employees.

Our expert Perth electricians will provide assistance on recommending the best position for your exit lighting installation on your site, followed by thorough testing to ensure it is operating efficiently. We aim to provide a prompt and efficient emergency lighting installation due to the time sensitive nature of the job.

Emergency & Exit Lighting Solutions

Brillare's Perth electricians will supply you with a certificate of compliance for the exit light and emergency light installation. It is up to the business owner to keep up to date with schedule dates to test your equipment in order to pass the compliance standards.

If you’re using a new building for your business operations and it does not have exit or emergency lighting, do not hesitate and call your local Perth electrician today for your installation.

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