LED Downlight Installation

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LED Downlight Installation

Brillare Electrical Services are your trusted and expert downlight electrician Perth.

Brillare Electrical Services are your trusted and expert downlight electrician Perth. We can provide LED downlight installations to ensure that your room creates a fantastic atmosphere whilst also being energy efficient. Our professional Perth team can assist you in choosing the optimal position for your LED installation. We are able to provide affordable and reliable Perth LED Lighting Installation so you can save on your energy consumption.

LED Downlight Installation Perth

The cost of LED downlights is a little higher than regular halogen lighting, however, they have a much longer lifespan and are less expensive to run. The benefits to your energy bill in the long term far outweigh the initial downlight installation cost. We offer LED lighting for $35 a unit plus cost to install downlight. Your local Perth electrician can install an integrated colour switch allowing warm, cool or daylight settings at a push of a button.

We can provide expert LED installation Perth to help add more light or change the mood of a space and these are a popular option for residential homes, depending on your type of ceiling. Our electricians Perth can provide LED downlight installation by drilling holes within your ceiling to install LED lighting and the wiring is then fed through and connected to a wall switch. Brillare Electrical Services Perth can also replace overhead lighting or halogen lights with LED lighting installation to improve their energy efficiency.

Want to find out more about our LED Downlight installation cost?

Our dimmable, tri-colour LED Downlights installation cost is affordable and great value for money. We also offer discounts when you install more than ten LED Downlights.

Supply and Replacement of LED Downlights


Supply and Installation of LED Downlights 1-10


Supply and Installation of LED Downlights 11-20


Supply and Installation of LED Downlights 21-30


Supply and Installation of LED Downlights 31-40


LED Downlight Installation In Perth

LED Lighting Perth

LED Downlight Services In Perth

LED downlight installation has been widely adopted for a number of reasons including:

  • LED downlights are up to 85% cheaper to run than an incandescent bulb
  • LED lighting produces relatively little heat which is safer to use in ceiling cavities
  • LED installation leads to impressive longevity

Professional LED Downlight Services

Though you are able to change lightbulbs and purchase LED downlights yourself, you will still require a qualified Perth electrician to provide a downlight installation.

Brillare Electrical are your local downlight electrician Perth that can supply and install custom designed LED downlights in a prompt and professional manner. It is our in-house production and LED lighting installation that allows us to provide our customers with cost-effective LED downlight installation. We also provide our clients with a 5-year warranty on all of our LED downlights and a lifetime workmanship warranty.

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