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Outdoor Security Lighting Installation

Not only does it add protection to your home but also makes it attractive. Is your home or business a haven for unwanted guests? Outdoor Security lighting is proven to be one of the most effective methods of deterring criminals. Statistics show that well-lit properties are less likely to attract crime because it exposes the criminal to being seen by others. Effective lighting around your property is also an effective way of highlighting any unusual activity taking place outside, so that you can alert emergency services as soon as you feel under threat.

Which Light is Right?

Choosing the right outdoor security lighting can be confusing. That’s where we come in. We will advise you on the best lighting solutions, so that you can sleep easy knowing you are not in the dark.

There are several types of outdoor lighting, each come in different styles and designs:

Exterior Walls

Exterior Wall Lighting is effective in producing light at doorways and along the sides of buildings, so that criminals have no easy place to hide. Exterior wall fixture lighting can be as small as a front door lantern, or powerful enough to illuminate the full wall of a factory.

Lamp Posts

Lamp Post lighting is used on lamp posts to illuminate large areas and in some cases, provide added decoration.


Landscape Lighting is used most commonly to illuminate walkways, accentuate garden features, entertaining areas or to provide lighting to any spot that might be visited during darkness. Landscape lighting can provide added elegance to outdoor areas, in addition to security. There are many options for landscape lighting – from dainty spotlights near sidewalks, flagpoles and fountains – right through to deck, patio, pool and gazebo lighting.

Garden Lighting Installation

With our garden lighting installation & design service you can illuminate a beautifully featured tree, highlight a garden sculpture, or showcase a water feature. Garden lighting could simply provide a safe passage to walk along a path or up/down some steps, even offer extra security for you and your family by eliminating dark corners for unwanted guests. At the end of the day the most important factor for garden lighting is to revitalise your garden by adding a touch of ambient light to set the mood. Showcase and capture peoples attention at your garden parties.

Ground Lights

Decking Lights

Path Lights

Some of the Garden Lighting Fixtures we Installation

Spike Lights

What about Spike Lights for trees, one of the most obvious places for lighting is close to or under a tree. The tree is one of the most beautiful features you can light up, as it creates height and you can closely see the colour change of the leafs. A spike light will create accent lighting for tall and narrow trees in your out-door space, the light generally has a wide light distribution with a focused beam. The spike light is normally embedded into top soil flush with the ground, barely visible during the day and giving you that ambient and glowing light at night.

Spike lights can also be used to highlight garden walls or fences to create depth and add safety and security for your surrounding area. Garden features such as statues or ornaments can also be highlighted and can produce that night-time drama effect resulting from shadows.

LED Strip Lighting

Most people don’t know that LED Strip Lighting can be used out-doors, it most be IP rated though, meaning it can be protected from wet weather conditions as long as the LED driver is housed in a dry area. The strip lighting will be housed in an aluminium extrusion with the option of a standard or water resistant type, its cover is of frosted plastic material to scatter light and reduce the sharpness of shadows. A decking area is one area were you can create atmospheric light, under steps or along the edge of the deck using a colour such as warm white or even red to blend in with the colour of the deck itself.

LED strip lighting placed under the edge of a step will allow the light to spill down onto the steps giving it that glowing effect and making it safe to walk under those hazardous situations.

Bollard Lights

A Bollard light is basically a vertical metal post with a base that will most likely need to be set in concrete with bolts attached. The old style bollard head attachments are normally of the 240 volt but these days you will find 24 volt LED as a more safer and efficient choice. The attachment head of the pole will come fitted with a lamp holder and reflector which will distribute the light in an evenly downward spread and grant a clear illumination without the effects of been blinded by the lighting glare. Standard sizes for bollards would be, 900mm for large or long driveways, 600mm is also great for lighting up driveways and garden paths and the 300mm will give you a subtle type of lighting effect in flower beds and pathways that need illuminating.

Bollard lights can be a good practical light for driveways and too allow guests to safely walk to and from your your home. This type of lighting is typically spaced between 3 to 5 meters but this will depend on the size of your landscape. Try and avoid keeping bollard lights in a straight line as this effect could be a boring one, this type of lighting is always best being staggered to give it a distinctive look.


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