Security Alarm System

Security Alarm System

Home security alarm system are becoming an everyday necessity, from preventing people entering the property with electric gates, roller doors, intercom systems to monitoring devices like CCTV cameras, security lights, alarms and sensors.

At Brillare Electrical, our local electricians in Perth are not only capable of installing any kind of security devices you may have but we can assist you in finding the best location to mount them to get the most from your security alarm system.

1. Home Security Lighting

Research shows that outdoor/external home security lighting plays a large part in the safety and security of your home. Installing exterior lighting allows you to easily and safely monitor what’s happening outside and around your home. If you happen to see sudden movements or hear an unsettling noise, you can immediately investigate it with a well-lit outdoor area. Home Security lighting doesn’t have to be elaborate or extensive either. Some simple, strategically placed lighting can work very effectively in safe guarding your home.

2. Home Security Alarm Systems

There are hundreds of alarm panels and system manufacturers all offering different features for their security alarm systems. The most important part of your home security system will not be what fancy features your panel is capable of, but simply how it monitors your home environment. Does it allow you to monitor for fire, flooding, break-ins, movement or infra-red heat signatures? Does it allow you to receive a phone call when triggered? Does it send an alarm to an external source? Can you connect your CCTV system through it and view the feed from your mobile device? Does it have a backup power source? Is it connected through the phone lines? There are lots of questions to answer and perhaps you will require some or all of those features.

3. Security cameras

When it comes to home security camera, there is equally many things to consider. Some have night vision capabilities, wide angle lenses, high definition, Wi-Fi and many more features. Some will be able to be viewed directly on your phone or other portable devices so you can check on your property at any time with ease. Most security cameras however, are sold as part of a complete security alarm system and you will need to ensure that any additional security cameras you install are compatible with your digital recording system. At Brillare, being Perth’s leading domestic electrician, we provide wide range of home security and alarm installation services,  including:

  • Panic button security alarm installation
  • Automated lock installation
  • Home Security lighting and motion detector installation
  • Indoor/outdoor High Definition Day/Night Video CCTV Camera Installation
  • Installation of security protection and warning alarm system signs to deter intruders
  • Wiring of detection systems to alarms and monitoring devices
  • Test all lights, detectors and circuits for safety and correct functioning

4. Intercoms, electric locks and gates

Your first line of defence in any property is keeping intruders and unwanted visitors outside the gates. Quite often this first line of defence is merely a deterrent as most fences are scalable. However, it has been proven that simply having a closed gate is a much greater deterrent than no gate at all and having a locked gate with an intercom is a lot more effective again.

At Brillare, the leading Domestic Electrician in Perth, our intercom and electric gate installation alarm services include:

  • Remote Control Calibration
  • Automated door lock/unlock with pin pad installation
  • Motorised gate repairs and trouble shooting
  • Installation of intercom alarm systems including camera varieties
  • Test all motors, panels and circuits for safety and correct functioning

At Brillare Electrical Services, we chose Paradox Security Systems as our recommended personalised security alarm system for our clients. Paradox security systems feature reliable communication technology, flexible expansion and great-looking keypads, making for an ideal security system for any residential or commercial installations that require up to 32 zones of protection.

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At Brillare Domestic Electrician Perth, we offer the following Supply and Install Paradox Security System Packages:

Security Alarm System

Paradox 2 Hardwired Security System Pet Proof Up to 40kgs Pets: $1495 excl GST fully Installed


System Features

12 Months Parts & Labour Warranty on the Equipment & Installation
Paradox 3 Wireless Security Alarm System

Paradox 3 Wireless Security System: $1695 excl GST fully Installed


System Features

12 Months Parts & Labour Warranty on the Equipment & Installation
Paradox 5 Wireless Security Alarm System

Paradox 5 Wireless Security System: $1995 excl GST fully Installed


System Features

12 Months Parts & Labour Warranty on the Equipment & Installation

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