Electrical Switchboard Upgrade

Electrical Switchboard Upgrade

Your electrical switchboard is your main electrical distributor at home and the key to your electrical safety. Power from street wires or perhaps a solar system, always connects to your switchboard first. This is also where the amount of energy consumed by your household is shown on electricity usage meters together with main switches to isolate power and hot water systems and any additional isolating switches fitted.

Yet, electrical switchboards usually go unnoticed until a problem arises such as loss of power or perhaps an appliance that repeatedly causes the safety switch to trip. However, if the problem is a faulty appliance, quarantining that article until repaired or replaced should resolve the immediate problem. In the interest of good maintenance, it is also good practice to purposely “trip” or reset each circuit breakers regularly to make sure the safety device is working correctly.

If more serious symptoms are evident such as unexplained “trips” of your safety devices or any unexplained or intermittent fault experience, Brillare Electrical’s licensed electricians can make a detailed inspection to see whether an electrical switchboard upgrade is needed including an itemised report of the health of your electrical switchboard.
During these electrical switchboard upgrade inspections, Brillare Electrical will inspect:
  • Condition of all connections to fuses/circuit breakers and safety switches fitted within your meter box.
  • Function of the circuit breakers and safety switches fitted to ensure the required level of protection is enabled
  • Condition of the power entry connections from the street or solar system
If assessment of the inspection requires an electrical switchboard upgrade to ensure that your switchboard and wiring is sufficient to support the electrical needs of your household, we will customise the distribution board to meet the needs of your power supply, carry out a full instrumental wiring test and issue an Electrical Safety Certificate after installation to keep your family and home safe.
Electrical Switchboard Upgrade Pricing
Above prices include supply, install, test and issue of Electrical Safety Certificate.
Call us to arrange a visit if you have:
  • An electrical switchboard containing older style porcelain fuses or hard-wired circuit breakers
  • Recently renovated your home where extra rooms and electrical load may have increased
  • Installed air conditioners
  • Installed swimming pool pumps or Spa water pumps
  • Noticed any change caused by a motor or appliance operating
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