Smoke Alarms Installation

Your go-to local electrician for Smoke Alarms Installation Perth!


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Smoke Alarms Installation

Your go-to local electrician for smoke alarms installation Perth!

Did you know that smoke alarms and smoke detectors are mandatory for every residential property in Western Australia? 

Using a reliable smoke alarm installer Perth is vital to ensuring the safety of your home or business. Brillare Electrical Services Perth can provide smoke detector and smoke alarm installation to keep your staff, colleagues and tenants safe from the risk of a fire within your building.

There are two types of commonly used smoke alarm installations Perth, being photoelectric and ionisation alarms. The main difference between these smoke alarm detectors is that Photoelectric smoke alarms can sense smoke from a smouldering fire, enabling early detection and allows time to control the fire or escape if necessary. However, these smoke alarms are poorly equipped to sense a well-established, flaming fire.

Ionisation smoke alarm installations by contrast can identify the presence of a flaming fire effectively but they are less able to provide early warning of a smouldering fire or potential breathing or visibility difficulties caused by heavy smoke.

Want to find out more about our smoke alarms installation cost?

Our hard-wired smoke alarm installations cost is affordable and value for money. We also offer a discount that applies when you purchase more than one smoke alarm.

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Smoke Alarm Installation Service In Perth

Smoke Alarms Installation Perth

Smoke Alarm Installation Service

Depending on the size of your home, it is recommended to have a few smoke alarm installations Perth so it is easier for everyone to be alerted in case of a fire. 

It’s vital to contact a professional Perth electrician to have your smoke alarm system tested regularly to ensure its efficient operation. 

Smoke Alarm Installation Service Provider

Brillare electrical services are your local smoke alarm installers Perth for residential and commercial properties. Our smoke detectors and smoke alarms Perth are recommended by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, so you can have peace of mind knowing our smoke alarms and smoke alarm installations are of the highest quality. 

Our team of professional smoke alarm installers Perth offer a comprehensive smoke alarm installation service, encompassing everything from the consultation and property survey through to the installation complying with AS3786:2014.

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