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Just like you’d draw up a blueprint before constructing a building’s walls, it’s important to plan your entire lighting design before you start installing Led downlights. Too many downlights can make a room feel cold and sterile, while installing them in the wrong spot can create annoying shadows. That’s why we recommend starting with a lighting plan that includes a mix of downlights, pendants and lamps, which gives you more control over how a room looks and feels.

To help you get started, we’ve put together 5 handy tips for integrating downlights in your lighting plan:

Get your spacing right

If you’re lighting high-traffic common areas such as an open plan living space, evenly spacing downlights will provide multi-purpose functional lighting. Check out our budget friendly Lucci LED range

Master the ‘wall washing’ technique

By evenly spacing downlights such as our low glare GE Lamp range along a wall, you’ll ‘wash’ the wall with unique scallops of lights. This is ideal for highlighting artwork. No artwork? No problem! Wall washing is still an excellent way to gently fill a space with ambient light without the glare of an overhead downlight. Increase the distance from the wall for a lower starting point of light.

Get creative with accent lighting

By placing downlights such as our stylish Lucci LED Surface directly over a point of interest in a room such as a stylish idea side table or ornament, you’ll create contrast and atmosphere, while still providing an element of task lighting.

Use clever placement to create interest and depth

Pairing downlights such as our MFL Accent and Titan with adjustable beam angles closely together creates intense pools of light, providing good contrast and interesting shadow effects.

Select dimmable downlights

And remember, wherever possible, choose downlights that are dimmable as this makes for greater lighting flexibility.

If you need professional help in LED Downlights installation, contact Brillare Electrical, the leading electrical contractor in Perth.

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