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Do you need assistance with voltage fluctuation? You might need a power outlet repaired or a thorough inspection of your house to verify your electrical installations are in good operating order. Before choosing an electrical contractor, be sure to employ skilled professionals who can adequately resolve your electrical difficulties.

Some Questions To Ask Electrical Contractors

We at Brillaire Electrical Services aim to offer the best electrical services possible. Our team has put together a list of questions to ask an electrical contractor before selecting them for your project.

Do you charge by the hour?

Because efficiency and competence differ from one electrical contractor to the next, charging by the hour is important. When you're charged hourly, you'll pay a varied amount depending on the skills and efficiency of the company or professional you hire. You won't know how slow or quick your electrician works until you've been charged for the hours they spent on the job. When an electrician charges by job rather than by the hour, everybody pays the same amount regardless of how long it takes to finish the work.

Do you have a valid work licence?

Many homeowners and business owners overlook asking professionals whether they have a legal licence. In Perth, an electrician must have a valid licence to undertake electrical work. If your electrician works for a company, inquire about the company's history and licencing. Also, ask about their previous experience. Trustworthy companies ensure that each electrician has a legal licence to conduct work. They can also handle a wide range of electrical tasks in various situations.

Do you conduct “live work”?

It is not desirable to operate on a live circuit. Thus electricians must avoid doing "live work." This is for the safety of you and the contractor. Most experienced and credible electrical professionals have a “No Live Work" policy, which means they will turn off the power to that circuit when working on installations in that particular zone.

What kind of services do you provide?

Specific electrical projects need the use of a specialised electrician, so be sure to inquire. For example, most commercial works and complex jobs on all premises need a certified Level 2 electrician, so you must check these certifications depending on the task to be done.

Do you have insurance against liability?

When hiring an electrician for your business or home, check whether they have the necessary insurance cover. Reputable and experienced service providers would prioritise the security of your workplace or house. However, accidents sometimes happen, so it's always a good idea to ensure your electrician has adequate insurance.

When are you available to provide the services I need?

A reliable electrician Perth will always provide prompt services or schedule the visit at your convenience. If you get a response like "we can come anytime next week," this should be a red flag. You certainly don't want someone who can't provide you with a set time to tackle your electrical problems. The electrical contractor you choose must be capable of providing prompt and efficient service.

We are a leading company in the industry and offer reliable, cost-effective services to commercial and residential clients in Perth. We are licensed and insured and tackle all jobs systematically and safely. We handle all types of residential and commercial jobs. Whether you need power points installed in your home or require rewiring of your commercial property, we can help.

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