How Much Does An Electrician Cost Per Hour In Perth?

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Electricians, like plumbers, are among the most costly tradies in Australia since their work requires a unique skill set, licences, and a variety of expensive gear. The average cost of hiring a licensed electrician in Perth is $86.29/hr. We at Brillaire Electrical Services are a leading company in the field and offer a range of residential and commercial electrical services to clients throughout the region.

However, this rate might vary based on various circumstances, including your location (which determines the availability and demand for available electrical contractors) and the distance they must travel to reach your location.

Costs of Common Electrical Jobs

Here is a list of typical costs of common electrical jobs:

Factors Affecting Electrical Work Costs

What Influences the Price of Electrical Services?

Lighting, ceiling fan installation, powerpoints, safety switches, and total rewiring or circuit repair are all everyday tasks. For various reasons, the pricing for all of them is different. The following are some of the aspects that might influence the overall cost of electrical services:

What Is An Electrician's Average Call Out Fee?

The call-out cost is usually calculated based on an hour of the electrician's rate, and the average call-out charge is $90, while the lowest is $50. Licensed electricians in Perth almost always charge a call-out fee for first-time and one-time electrician hiring.

If your electrical problem is minor (taking less than 10 minutes to identify and correct), the electrician may charge the call-out fee, with no further charges for the minor task. Its because their service price often covers the first half an hour of their labour. Also, expect to pay extra for emergency calls made after hours.

We are committed to offering clients value for money and maintaining cost-effective pricing for all our services. Get in touch with Brillare Electrical Services via this Online Form for additional information on our commercial and residential services. You can also call us at 08 9415 0762, and we will get back to you shortly to discuss your requirements.


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